The Heart-Breaking Dilemma: My Husband is Addicted to Dating Websites

Who wishes to think bad about their husbands? Or believe they are being unfaithful? Not me and not you. But what if something strikes you out of the blue, hits you in the face, and you can’t unsee it? It is seared into your mind and thoughts, day and night. Yes! You get the first solid hint or start suspecting that my husband is addicted to dating websites. The disbelief, the devastation, the numbness and then, ultimately, how to confirm it 100%?

How can you move forward from such a blow from your husband, the one you trust with your heart and soul, with your eyes closed? If you have never needed to doubt your husband at any time in your life, as a loving wife, you can totally relate to this initial feeling of helplessness and shock. From where to start? How do other women easily claim that they caught husband on dating sites?

Let’s explore together to see if your husband got a spam message from an old registered dating site, or if there is something more to it than meets the eye. This is going to be a difficult thing for you to check the presence of your husband on dating apps. Remember! You can’t spend your whole life partnered with a lying husband or one who is, say, fed up with you or your relationship. Value yourself first; others will value you too.

Online Dating Addiction

Online dating addiction is real and brutal in its effects. If you don’t trust this statement, take a look at these astonishing facts from a dating website, eHarmony. They reviewed the dating conversations among 1,000 Britons. Check the stats:

  • Those wanting a casual hook-up = 44%
  • Women looking for an ego boost = 27%
  • Those mot single and lying = 5%
  • Lying about having kids = 8%
  • Average conversation number at a single time = 6 to 15, varying from user to user

husband on dating apps

These alarming numbers show the actions of only 1,000 people on a single dating site. It is just a glimpse into the dark reality of online dating addiction. What about what happens unnoticed globally, behind the scenes? Most people browse daily for about one hour, with no serious intention of long-term commitment. Generally, it leads to depression (About 70% in this research), and the user is left feeling inadequate.

Of course, easy access to social media is largely to blame. We get internet addiction in the form of dating apps or sites, where the users often don’t even realize how much time they are wasting away on these sites, getting addicted to swiping right and left.

How to know if your Husband is on Dating Sites?

Here comes the moral cliffhanger: a wife would never want to think about, for a start. Do you suspect that my husband is addicted to dating websites, or do you ‘actually’ know? There is a huge difference, something you need to pay attention to if you wish to keep your relationship healthy and intact. Suspecting your spouse will destroy your peace of mind. The key is to clearly determine whether you found husband on dating websites or not. Only then can you have closure or move forward as a loving partner.

Mentally debate whether you wish to do this checking-up on your husband or not. What if you caught husband on dating sites? How will you cope? And if not found there, would you be able to deal with the guilt of suspecting your husband afterward? These are critical questions whose answers you should search within yourself. If you can’t live with suspicion or uncertainty, dive ahead, as constant distrust eats away at healthy relationships.

  • Check the browser history of your husband’s laptop, computer or smartphone for dating websites. Also, check the history of his social media accounts.
  • Enter your husband’s email address manually in the SEARCH menu, typically available on the front page of every dating site.
  • Create a fake stalker account, of course, with a fake name, user ID, and image. Now, enter filter options to narrow down the search to your residential area and your husband’s preferences when it comes to women. Make yourself an appealing candidate to see if you get matched as the closest, ideal dating candidate by that trending site. You might just bump into your husband with your latest ‘makeover.’
  • Enter your husband’s most used and favorite USERNAME in the Google Search bar by adding a plus sign. Now, add a particular dating site name. This trick works splendidly. If your husband’s most used and distinct user name is registered on any dating site, Google will show it instantly.

BINGO! You got him red-handed! You are not insane in suspecting him of lying to you and going behind your back. It’s not foolproof, as your husband could be hiding his identity under a fake ID.

Is my Husband on Dating Apps?

Thinking that my husband is addicted to dating websites is a challenging idea. Technology has made online dating and cheating easier, but has also made online spouse or partner tracking more accessible. What if there was a way you didn’t need to spend countless, dreadful hours swiping through all of the popular dating sites manually?

Try the quickest methods to search all dating sites or apps at once with reliable, paid apps of Cheaterbuster and Social Catfish. You could call them the Sherlock Holmes of dating apps. No need to join dating apps to check your husband’s profile or ID there. You just pay a nominal amount and let the apps do the grunt work for you. These tools are the best of the best if you really wish to discover your husband’s addiction to online dating apps.

  1. Social Catfish uses a reverse phone search method, which is quite easy to apply. All you need to do is type in your husband’s phone number in the search bar below. You get the accurate profile research result in seconds. All the countries are added to this search database.

Social Catfish

  1. Cheaterbuster, formerly known as swipe buster, is the only app that searches the famous dating Tinder app worldwide for your desired Tinder profile or user ID.


  1. Instant Checkmate is a free search bar. A Free Tool! Can you imagine? And most importantly, it covers and includes the databases of all states of the United States of America. It is a public records search service that you can use instantly for online background checks. Criminal records, arrest records, addresses, known aliases and even actual age; you name it.

Instant Checkmate

Enter your husband’s name here, with city and state data. You will be amazed at the results, which will include these about your husband if they exist;

  • Any active dating profiles online
  • Any secret social media profiles
  • A criminal record, if any
  • Any photos online about which you didn’t know
  • Hidden email addresses, if any
  • Phone numbers that he hasn’t told you about

Why does my Husband go on Dating Sites?

So, you discover your husband on dating apps. You keep looking for answers as to why my husband is addicted to dating websites.  Who can ever imagine that life will bring you to this point where you have to rethink your thought patterns and re-assess your husband’s image in your eyes? There can be multiple reasons behind his behavior. So, don’t blame yourself immediately for his online cheating on you.

  • Your husband might have lost interest in you as a wife or in the relationship as a whole.
  • He might be addicted to scrolling dating apps or sites mindlessly, just like a chronic bad illness.
  • Your husband might wish to escape from reality at his house by going on dating sites, such as financial instability, your illness, if any, etc.
  • You find your husband on dating sites sometimes when he wishes to feel appreciated or cherished by random people by creating a fake, lovely persona. They might feel you don’t give them enough time and attention as they deserve.
  • Some might consider secretive online dating just as harmlessly passing the time. It is not cheating,”

caught husband on dating site

What to do if you find your husband on Dating Sites?

Confrontation is healthy if it is done the right way. Denying the unpleasant truth will not help you as a human being and as a loving wife in the long run. Admit that my husband is addicted to dating websites. Communicate with him politely yet firmly. Take a stand. Call him out on this cheating. YES, IT IS CHEATING! Just because there is no sexual conduct here, going to dating sites and secretly engaging with other women doesn’t make it a lesser act. Cheating is cheating. This conduct portrays your husband’s intentions when he ignores you to shower some random online dates with flowery words and his precious attention.

Listen to him respectfully and motivate him to go to a marriage counselor with you to work on his online dating addiction. You can dress more attractively, pay better attention to him, and also give your husband more quality time with you to strengthen your marital relationship. Do your part well as a wife and urge your husband to be a better person as a spouse and a human by being faithful to his loving wife and children. Try to rebuild trust by addressing all issues head-on.

Wrapping Up!

Who says the world is a fair place? No loved one should have to resort to spying on her husband to see if it is as she suspects; my husband is addicted to dating websites. Staying silent about it will only aggravate the situation and break your heart along the way. You should stay in a relationship that values you and makes you happy. If you found husband on dating websites, and he is feeling remorseful or ashamed, give him a chance. Don’t go for a hasty decision; see your relationship through by supporting your husband in his redemption for you and your mutual relationship.

If he persists in his unethical online dating addiction, leave him for a better future. Don’t spend your life in silent misery after an unfaithful husband. You gave him many chances. So, have no guilt and just comfort your heart, “He was not Worthy of My Love and Companionship.” Who knows? One day, he might get fed up with his online dating addiction and remember you as the gem he lost through his infidelity.


Ans: Many will try to contradict this answer, but the reality is online dating while involved in a committed husband/ wife relationship is cheating. Your wife deserves all your love, attention and loyalty.

Ans: Online dating has many side effects, mostly on your mental health, causing depression, social anxiety, and body objectification, along with creating ethically challenging situations.

Ans: Online dating has numerous negative effects on an individual, such as;

  • Focusing not on the physically present people around you, worthy of dating and rather on online dating.
  • Developing a mindless scrolling habit with online dating addiction.
  • Developing or promoting harmful mental feelings of low esteem, loneliness, etc.
  • Getting in the habit of morally deceitful claims by creating a fake persona of yourself online and others.



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