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Solving the Puzzle: Are Close Set Eyes Attractive?

Are Close Set Eyes Attractive

No matter how decently put together you look, your eyes steal the show. They are your most prominent feature, altering your whole appearance. “Windows to the soul”! You must have heard this term used to explain eyes countless times. It’s almost true! With different eye shapes, your whole face changes its natural look. So what, if you have close set eyes?

 These are pretty looking too. You should never feel disheartened by the blessings Mother Nature gives you. This answers the confusing debate of “Are close set eyes attractive?”

 Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, firstly. Secondly, you can use your close eye set look with perfect touches to your regular makeup. It is not so amazing to consider then that there are so many famous celebrities with close set eyes. If they feel confident and pretty with their eye shape, you can too. Get your inspiration and love yourself.


Close Set Eyes Meaning

Close Set Eyes Attractive

Regarding close set eyes meaning, the name itself explains thoroughly. Eyes that are pretty close together are termed a close eye set.

Some say it is not just an eye shape but rather an eye position. A novel concept, indeed! Having such eyes means the space between your eyes is smaller than the width of your eye, and the bridge between your nose is narrow. So, you can have close set eyes of any shape, such as round, hooded, almond-shaped, monolid, upturned, or downturned.

Your Eyes, Too Close Together or Not?

If you decide from the beginning that your eyes are set close together, how can you know that you are right in your assumption? An easy practical trick is to take a measuring tape or a ruler and just measure the available space between your eyes. Then, you measure your eye width. If the distance between your eyes is smaller than the width of your eye, then your eyes are actually close-set after all.

Quick Info

The ideal eye distance to look attractive is a much-discussed thought. The National Library of Medicine says the most attractive distance between the eyes is about 46% of your face’s width. 

Close-Set Eyes Personality

Did you know Chinese face reading gives you a general sketch of your personality depending on your physical appearance and features? A close-set eyes personality revolves around people who don’t adjust well to change or stress, even though they might train for it. Generally, it is said that if you have too close put-together eyes, you will be content with a set routine. Additionally, a person with close-set eyes is assumed to be traditional, disciplined, focused, and confident. Their eye for detail ensures that they excel at what they do.


Some of you might not believe in Chinese face reading or personality guessing due to your close eye set. Still, there is no harm in a bit of speculation, which ultimately might hold true for many people doing and behaving exactly like the predicted traits. Who knows?

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Celebrities with Close Set Eyes

Many celebrities with close set eyes reign the showbiz. If they can get famous with such shaped eyes, surely too closely placed eyes are not unattractive. Having wide-set eyes is not the only standard for being called beautiful or handsome in the case of men. Some famous ones out of plenty are:

  • Nicole Kidman

celebrities with close set eyes

Who doesn’t know Nicole Kidman? A powerful actress with masterpiece performances scattered across TV and film productions. No wonder she is consistently ranked among the world’s highest-paid actresses. She bears the close eye set for her eye shape and is still breathtakingly gorgeous. You can see her evergreen beauty even after crossing the 50s milestone.

(Image Source: Nicole Kidman (@nicolekidman) | Instagram)






  • Kate Winslet

celebrities with close set eyes

Kate Winslet is an English actress famed for her movie ‘Titanic’ which swept the world with its huge breaking success. She also works in other independent films, usually portraying headstrong and complicated women. Her list of won awards is quite lengthy. You will notice she has too closely placed eyes, which has not diminished her natural beauty even a bit. Are close set eyes attractive? She answers this puzzle powerfully with her classic, timeless beauty.     

Image Source: kate winslet (@katewinslet360) | Instagram  





  • Benedict Cumberbatch

celebrities with close set eyes

Benedict Cumberbatch is another famous actor with close-set and deep set eyes, making his facial structure unique. His piercing gaze and ability to captivate audiences have made him quite popular among viewers worldwide. His movies in the series ‘Dr. Strange’ have set the bar quite high regarding their popularity. He also performs in famous TV dramas.

Image Source: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH 🔵 (@l3enedictcumberbatch) | Instagram





  • Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a famous American actress famed for her role in the popular sitcom drama ‘Friends’. She earned many awards and laurels for this TV show. Her eyes are close together, with a prominent nose. She still looks beautiful and is successful in her life. It shows you that having close set eyes is no hindrance to becoming famous.

  • Robert Downey Jr.

Who hasn’t heard of ‘Iron Man’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Robert Downey Jr. is the man who has made this character popular with his great acting skills. He possesses close set eyes and still looks dashing in his personality. His magnetic gaze has undoubtedly played a significant role in his on-screen appeal.

The Magic of Makeup for Close Set Eyes!

Magic of Makeup

If you keep thinking, ‘are close set eyes attractive?’ and feeling insecure in front of the mirror, it won’t help you. The key is acknowledging you have pretty eyes, so what if they are closely placed together. Here, the magic of eye makeup shows its mettle, as it can make or break your look. Therefore, pay attention while trying makeup at home to make your close eye set look perfect.

  • Extend Your Eyebrows

Making your eyes appear wider than they are by using an eyebrow pencil to pull your eyes outward.

  • Use Eyeshades Cleverly

Use lighter shades at the corner of the eyes, the inner edges and darker shades for the outside margins. Smoky eyes work perfectly for closely laced eyes in such a way that you should apply a dark eye shadow on the eyes’ edges. 

  • Make Your Outer Lashes Thicker

 Placing extra mascara toward the outer corner of your eyes will make them look wider.




Parting Thoughts

Whoever thinks close set eyes are a thing to worry about or fret over is wrong. Having wide eyes is not the only measuring standard to look beautiful. You can dazzle by adding the right clothes, makeup and confidence to the mix which is your personality. Hopefully, the above article answers the question or puzzle: Are close set eyes attractive?   

The answer is definitely YES. A world of renowned celebrities with closely placed eyes is just a prominent example supporting this answer. 

If they can slay with their looks, so can you!

You just need to practice what exactly suits your close eye set.


Ans: Close set eyes can easily look perfect on your face. You just need to add a touch of the right amount of makeup and self-confidence to carry you smoothly in your life.

Ans: Yes, eyes matter in dressing up, as they are not lightly called a means to peek into your soul. They convey your whole personality. Still, remember that your eyes are more than an eye shape. Eye shape is important, but it doesn’t define your eye look as a whole. Adding finishing touches to your eye shape will alter its appearance, making your eyes pop out prettily. 



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