Discover Your Calorie Secrets With Our 9 DIY Weight Control Hacks

Who doesn’t wish for a slim body? We always strive to find perfection, especially in our own bodies. Standing in front of the mirror for greater lengths of time and just observing your own looks and imperfections are all typical activities of a normal-feeling person. Homely meals and unlocking the calorie secrets can lead you on the right track.

Wearing those slimming tops is no longer going to be an impossible dream. With an able weight loss regime, you can burn-up excess fat in no time without suffering from harsh effects. Whether you go for holistic calorie secrets or some other diet plan, find a path, build your momentum, and stick to it till the perfect finish.

Weight and the World’s Attitude toward it!

Those that do not look slim or are overweight are often called big fatty women and get body-shamed globally. There is no denying this practice; people different from the usual norm face body-shaming. Fat shaming is much more common, aimed by society at those perceived as obese or overweight.

Did you know?

An average person believes that if they fat shame the next person, they will get motivated and start slimming down by losing weight.

It is such a big Misconception. On the contrary, fat shaming results in the opposite, causing distress, anxiety and even suicidal thoughts in the targeted obese or overweight individual. It may eventually lead to over-eating in some people to combat stress caused by fat shaming.

  • Take the real-life example of Jennifer, who was overweight and didn’t enter a public gym for years due to her fear of being fat-shamed. Instead, she took up walking and adopted a healthier diet as another way to lose weight, for starters. Fat shaming demotivated her; only her own willpower kept her moving forwards.
  • The key is to gently motivate obese or non-slim individuals instead of bashing them. That’s the real secret for calorie secrets in a person, unconditional love and support of friends and peers.

Are you ready to Discover Calorie Secrets?


There are so many ways to lose weight to get you that slim body you desire. Just read on our DIY weight control hacks to check what suits you best for instant results.

Chew Slowly

Chew Slowly

Just because you are hungry doesn’t mean you have to wolf down your meal instantly. You can have an effortless calorie secrets to get that slim body by only chewing slowly.

You will be satisfied by eating a small portion of food. Trust me! Turn off distractions, your smartphone or television and slowly eat your meal. Swallow when you have thoroughly chewed your food. You will feel full without over-eating. Even medical research supports this concept of feeling satiated with less meal quantity.

Go for Smaller Plates

Go for Smaller Plates

Does starving yourself make you skinny? It’s a genuinely wrong notion; starving doesn’t help you reduce your fat. You only get weak health-wise. Instead, a balanced diet with good habits makes a tremendous difference. Lose weight the healthy way by opting for smaller plates.

It’s human nature. We try to clear out our plates while having a meal. A smaller plate ensures your calorie intake remains decent without becoming extra. You get better satisfaction with less food intake and without worrying about over-indulging yourself, just by using smaller eating utensils.

Drink Water before Food Intake

Drink Water before Food Intake

Drinking water before your meals can help you check your hunger. You may get a full feeling after eating a small portion only. This can prevent overeating and may even help you lose weight. It is an excellent alternative to dieting. So, forget about drinking water during or after your meals.

Did you know?
A study supports this concept, showing that people who took about 500 ml of water before having a meal lost almost 4.4 pounds (2 kg) more than those who did not.

Add Exercise to your Routine

Add Exercise to your Routine

Get the best secret for weight loss! Along with healthy homely meals, go for minimum 10 minutes walk daily. You will see a gradual change in your weight if you keep it up for the long term. Weight management starts looking so easy with just a simple exercise. It can be a walk, yoga practice, or any other daily activity that allows you to burn up excess calories gained through lousy eating habits.

  • Research verifies the need for a healthy regular activity for effective calorie secrets therapy.
  • Leslie walk is also famous for burning calories after just a few sessions, especially if you are facing space constraints within your house.

Go for Hot Lemon Water

calorie secrets

Lemons are a great source of vitamin C.  Experts generally recommend hot lemon water to people as it can give you a natural energy boost, even cutting out unnecessary calories. Replace your high-calorie coffee in the early morning with a cup of hot lemon water to get your stomach enzymes rolling nicely. Burn up excess calories without fear with this natural tonic.

  • According to several studies, a vitamin C deficiency may reduce the chances of body fat loss.

Take More Calories in the Morning than later

slim body

The tip for the day is to go for a hearty breakfast and smaller dinner portions for better chances of losing your weight. A study supports this concept and focuses on having your last meal as early as possible in terms of timing. Exemptions can include individuals who don’t come under this general rule; pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, or people with diabetes and other health issues.

Similarly, a higher protein intake at breakfast suppresses those obsessive hunger pangs you get during your whole day. Especially if you pair protein foods with fiber or healthy fats. So, never skip breakfast to maintain a slim body with less weight gain.   

Go for Portion Control

Go for Portion Control

Don’t overindulge in unhealthy carbs or protein intake; go for a balanced portion control diet. Every portion should get an equal representation in your meal plan, giving you a better chance at weight control.

Discover the right calorie secrets with various portion control tricks to get a skinnier you.

Sleep Well!

Sleep Well!

Nowadays, a new trend of staying awake till late at night is emerging among the younger generation worldwide. When you don’t sleep well, your body starts craving high-calories, spicy and sweet delicacies. It’s because such late-night snacks give you that much-needed energy boost you require to stay awake.

You have to deal with more hunger hormones and reduced satisfaction hormones, which can contribute to weight gain in the long run. Get a thinner you with fully rested nights. On a side note, sleeping excessively can also expand your gut. Lack of sleep can adversely affect your health, making weight control a challenging task.

Prefer Home-cooked Meals

Prefer Home-cooked Meals

When you dine outside your home, you get served bigger portions, usually. Moreover, such food contains more oil, sugar, salt or sodium than we would eat at home with home-cooked meals.

  • A study explores the impact of restaurant consumption among US adults regarding calories and energy intake. The results proved that regularly dining out of home caused people to eat a higher calorie amount with poorer dietary indicators in terms of energy source.

Homely food is the best solution to all your weight loss worries. You know what you are adding to your home-cooked food. Additionally, in the familiar environment of your home, you try to go for smaller portions to burn up excessive calories.

Parting Thoughts

Thinking, “How often should you eat to lose weight?” Guess no more; just follow these amazing weight control hacks to wear those slimming tops that didn’t fit you before, losing weight. The secret to ultimate calorie secrets is to select the right approach and stick to it. Regular persistence with healthy eating habits will surely pave the way to a perfect slim figure.

Staying motivated and never listening to others’ negative comments ultimately work as the best weight loss therapy.


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