5 Skin Care Hacks To Make You More Beautiful

In this fast-paced world nowadays, you have to remind yourself to take a breather. No harm in slowing down and giving yourself a much-needed once over. The question arises: Are we giving ourselves proper care and attention? Skin care comes to the top of this self-care list because of the ever-increasing pollution concerns. The post-Covid world has also gotten more face-conscious by constantly staring at their faces during meetings on apps like zoom. No wonder, skin care hacks are getting popular, with multiple clear skin hacks coming to the rescue. Buying expensive skin and beauty products for long-term use is not budget-friendly for everyone. Such products ensure healthy skin to a certain extent.

How to do skin care without products?


That’s the million-dollar question, as skin care options are many, but not all are suitable for every individual. Let’s skim through some skin care facts.

 Did You Know?
For those not knowing, skin care alone takes up the bulk of the cosmetic market globally as the leading product category. Additionally, it is estimated to produce a revenue of about 177 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

Furthermore, your skin defines you in terms of your personality. A study by Groupon proves that women spend almost more than $300 per month on their appearance alone, which amounts to a substantial figure in a female’s whole life, just for skin care.

Why Do You Need Skin Care Hacks? 

Have you noticed everything directly affects your skin or face, be it stress, poor health, or sleepless nights?

Skin care hacks can make a tremendous difference in your skin and your life on the whole. You not only get clean skin, but also a set daily routine to care for your face. Who doesn’t want to feel good? Such self-care is therapeutic in itself. By using skin care hacks regularly, you experience a boost in your morale and mental health with better, cleaner skin.

If you are looking to take care of your skin without products, skin hacks are the best option. There are so many skin care hacks available. It is important to select the ones that feel close to your heart or nature.

The most common skin complication is acne, which is prevalent in both males (as hormonal acne) and females (as pregnancy acne).

Let’s see some top 5 hacks that you should try, whether you are male or female, because healthy skin is vital for everyone.

Stay Moisturized

skin care hacks

Nothing brings aging and wrinkles faster on your face than skin dryness. So, keeping yourself moisturized can make a big difference in your looking younger than your actual age. Even a small pilot study supports the fact that using skin moisturizers may prevent many other diseases occurring in the body by reducing skin inflammation.

You may use home moisturizers like coconut or olive oil as part of skin care hacks, or you may still opt for organic moisturizer products in the form of lotions and creams. The key point is not to ignore its importance in your skincare routine. Because moisturizers prevent the symptoms of skin dryness, which leads to other skin problems if left unchecked.

A Big “No, No” to Face-Touching

 How many times do we touch our faces without even realizing we are doing it? Here comes one of these clear skin hacks: Avoid touching your face unnecessarily. Your fingertips touch everywhere, your smartphone screen or the surface of your home or office furniture. First, keep your hands clean. Second, be conscious of touching your face, as breakouts and acne are caused mainly by self-touching.

You can avoid this bad habit by busying your hands constantly with other activities. A study in the American Journal of Infection Control shows that people generally touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on an average basis, which is quite a lot. After Covid-19, constant face-touching especially becomes hazardous for your overall health.

Embrace SPF as a Constant

Some people scoff at using Sunscreen, thinking it is an extra effort just to go outside their homes. But you should not dismiss it as it is one of the valuable skin care hacks. High SPF sunscreen gives better protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. You can get safety from sunburn, the premature aging process, and even skin cancer by regularly using a great SPF product.

The thing to note is that no matter how best SPF sunscreen or cream is, it will vanish after a few hours. So, avoid overexposure to the sun.

Use Aloe Vera

skin care hacks for acne

Go for the greatest skin care hacks for acne with organic gooey gel extraction from Aloe Vera and apply it to your skin as a natural fix. It prevents future breakouts and is an excellent organic remedy for existing acne problems. Aloe Vera’s cooling and antibacterial elements make it the perfect care system for your whole skin.

Treat Yourself to DIY Massages

Your face comes topmost in skin care. Nothing beats a healthy facial massage for relaxing purposes. Particularly if you give it to yourself. Give yourself a glowy look and a healthy face with do-it-yourself massages frequently. It will lighten you up emotionally and result in better blood flow to your facial skin. Healthy skin keeps breakouts and acne far away.

Just learn to lightly use gentle strokes on your face in an upper-going direction. It’s not rocket science. You can even go for different massage techniques easily learned through the internet nowadays. On the other hand, you can go for layers in your DIY massage, starting from cleansing, scrubbing, and massaging to applying an organic mask as a complete self-pampering experience.

Parting Thoughts

Although these 5 skin care hacks are superb for every skin type, just remember not every skin tip or treatment is for everybody. You should try and check what suits your skin best and don’t overdo any skin hacks like over-cleansing or extra rubbing your face constantly.


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