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He Calls Me His Wife But Won’t Marry Me: Reasons & Solutions

He Calls Me His Wife But Won't Marry Me

When someone calls you his wife and still won’t marry you, several questions come to mind, like Why won’t he marry me? Or if you have been with him for a long time, then questions like, Why won’t he marry me after seven years? Or what’s the point of being called his wife if he won’t marry me? There are a couple of questions that might cross your mind. 

There can be several reasons why he calls me his wife but won’t marry me. The first case is that he doesn’t love you enough. Break up and find someone that truly loves you. Women spend decades of their life just to be dumped once he meets someone more fascinating. You have no rights in that case. You’ve never been married. All of those years have resulted in nothing. If there are no marriage plans in two years, go on and find someone who wants to live the rest of the life with you.

He might adore and take you as his wife in the second case. But there are certain reasons only he understands why he can’t marry you right now. A couple of reasons are mentioned below why he calls me his wife but won’t marry me and solutions to those problems:

Reasons For He Calls Me His Wife But Won’t Marry Me

He Calls Me His Wife But Won't Marry Me

  • He must not be established and is striving to reach a goal, a quality in himself that will allow you and your family to live comfortably.
  • He still needs to inform everyone in his family about your connection. He can be afraid to tell them.
  • Fear of making a commitment.
  • Worried that your relationship will change.
  • He lives a long distance away from you.


  • Assist and encourage him in achieving his objective and establishing himself.
  • Give him time and space to tell his family about you if he is scared. 
  • Praising his progress can make all the difference if you’re dating someone afraid of commitment. Express your respect for whatever attempts they make to overcome their anxiety, and let them know how greatly you appreciate their efforts.
  • Assure him that nothing will change, even after marriage, and that marriage will not hurt your relationship.
  • Assure him that marriage would only strengthen your relationship and allow you to live a better life together.



He Says He Likes Me But Not Ready For A Relationship

He may have affection for you, but he is not emotionally willing to commit to a relationship due to another issue in his life.

He might be going through a difficult period and be unable to give you the time and affection you deserve. He might be holding back because of unresolved sentiments from his earlier life or something else.

he says he likes me but not ready for a relationship

He could be attempting to overcome these difficulties and isn’t ready for a relationship. In this case, you can be patient and wait for him to be comfortable with a relationship.

Many people are emotionally unavailable; they like dating but do not desire anything too intimate or close.

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There are some Do’s and Don’ts when he says he likes me but not ready for a relationship:

Do’s include:

  • You can step back and allow him room and time to sort out his emotions for you. You may say, “I wish to be around you, but I see you’re not ready.” So let us take a breather. Let me know when you’re ready to chat about it.”
  • Alternatively, you may have an utterly spiritual connection with him (if you’re both okay with it) – which means “friends only” with no twisting or deception on your side to alter his mind or modify the premise of the relationship. 

Don’ts include:

  • Don’t try to persuade him by exhibiting how attractive you are. You are selling yourself short if you do this. Why continue chasing the wind if someone says they don’t want whatever you seek in a relationship? He’s telling you that he’s not looking for love. Trust him.
  • Please don’t put your life aside to change his opinion. Why would you waste your effort on something that would never happen? There is a vast world that exists. You can have plenty of adventure, meet new people, and experience new things and relationships. 

Will He Ever Marry Me Or Am I Wasting My Time

Women frequently ask, “Will he ever marry me, or am I wasting my time?” You are wasting your time because if you are questioning your boyfriend’s motives, there is probably a good reason behind it. A woman’s intuition is unfailingly accurate because she always knows whether a man is right for her or not. 

Will He Ever Marry Me, Or Am I Wasting My Time

Look at the strong indicators that your boyfriend might indeed intend to ask you to marry him soon, as well as the warning signs that he’s never going to propose before you start worrying too much about whether or not he wants to. There are some signs mentioned below that you are wasting your time.


  • The relationship isn’t developing.
  • He has been involved with you but has yet to propose.
  • Lack of cooperation. 
  • He excludes you from important life decisions.
  • He claims he doesn’t believe in marriage.
  • There is a lack of trust and abuse in your relationship.
  •  He dislikes discussing marriage, parenting, and other topics.

These are clear warnings that you are wasting your time and should break up and walk away from your partner. He is not going to marry you, and even if marry you, it would be a clear red flag for you, and you would not be happy in a relationship like this one.

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Engaged But No Talk For Marriage

When you’ve been engaged for a long time, there’s no discussion of marriage. Many questions may emerge in your mind, such as if I like him more than he likes me. Which is making me impatient, or does he no longer like me? Is he unwilling to marry me? Why won’t he marry me? And there are many more questions like that might come to mind.

Engaged But No Talk For Marriage

Suppose you are engaged but no talk of marriage or any marriage arrangements. It may be helpful to have a direct and honest conversation with one another about your goals and concerns.

If your spouse appears unwilling or avoids the subject, this might be a sign that they are only partially dedicated to the relationship or ready for marriage. Setting realistic expectations and ensuring that both of you are prepared for the commitment and obligations that come with marriage is critical.

Finally, it is critical to prioritize your happiness and make choices that follow your beliefs and objectives. If you believe your relationship is not providing for your needs or your spouse is not committed, it may be time to reconsider whether being in the relationship is your best option.


While data indicates that the average duration of engagement for most relationships in the US is 12-18 months, your decision should remain the same. A few couples have shorter engagements, while others wait closer to two years. There is no "wrong" or "right" length of period to be engaged; what counts is determining what is best for you and your partner. 


In conclusion, there are various reasons why he calls me his wife but won’t marry me. You should also consider his situation, why he calls me his wife but won’t marry me. You must think about whether to maintain your relationship or end it with your partner. Before making any decisions, you should carefully examine the circumstances and have an open conversation with your partner.



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