Sunny Ali: A Man With A Billion Dollar Vision

How many Pakistanis do you know who had a rags-to-riches story and still kept contributing constructively to their homeland? Sunny Ali is one such name, a successful entrepreneur, an Amazon magnate, a motivational speaker and a mentor to thousands globally. For those unfamiliar with his name, take notice! What do we think of when we try to imagine experts handling global e-commerce platforms such as Amazon? Some foreign experts as the first answer. But Sunny Ali is the Pakistani name who excelled in e-commerce at a time when Pakistanis were unaware of the latest e-commerce practices.

sunny ali

He set up multiple digital commercial businesses from scratch and revolutionized the concept of e-commerce in Pakistan. Sunny Ali Extreme Commerce is his brainchild, along with Sunny Ali vbc. This is the kind of success and brilliance we generally don’t associate with our Pakistani people, mainly because we tend to underestimate our local talent. Let’s check out his early life, studies, struggles and achievements.

Earlier Life

sunny ali earlier life

Sunny Ali was born on September 6, 1977, in Sultanabad, a small town in Karachi, Pakistan. He is also known as Shaikh Kashif Ali. He belonged to a lower-middle-class family and got a premium quality education from an early start, even though his parents faced financial constraints

After completing his bachelor’s in Computer Science from Bahria College, he started reconstructing his destiny. Over time, Sunny Ali ventured into numerous businesses for about 2 decades, from scratch and early loss to success across different continents. Today Sunny Ai is a Malaysian Permanent Resident residing in Malaysia and an Australian Pakistani.


sunny ali Career

At the young age of 15, Ali followed his father’s innovative approach by beginning his career as a teacher. He taught at a computer training centre in Sultanabad, Karachi, Pakistan, in 1992. It was established by his father. At this stage, he discovered his love of learning alongside teaching. Ultimately, he became one of Pakistan’s earliest MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer).

The desire to excel and make a name for himself prompted Sunny Ali to go beyond the borders of his home country, Pakistan. His career abroad is as follows:

  • From 2001 to 2003, he worked as a Senior Systems & Security Consultant with MIS Technologies Center in Singapore and Australia. He consulted for Microsoft & Cisco-related projects, workshops and training.
  • In July 2004, he co-founded Comsys Services after moving to Melbourne, Australia. The business provided technology consulting solutions to large and medium enterprises throughout Australia, becoming the second-largest partner of Dell Australia in no time. An annual turnover of more than AUD 2.5 MIL was attained, with over 25 base staff spread across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. They even had a remote office located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Dun & Bradstreet termed Comsys as the 14th fastest-growing IT Company in Australia. Yet, the 2008 market crash affected Comsys Services, eventually leading to its collapse.

  • Never backing down from loss, Sunny Ali started another e-commerce business in Malaysia in 2009 and went through significant ups and downs for about 8 years before finally succeeding.
  • Founding Extreme Commerce in 2017 was his major effort to empower Pakistani youth and entrepreneurs with the right knowledge and skills. Such skill-set helped them build online retail businesses on Amazon and other prominent platforms.

Sunny Ali’s Vision

Sunny Ali’s Vision

You might have read the statement online, “A Man With A Billion Dollar Vision.” This aptly fits Sunny Ali extreme commerce. His vision is to make Pakistan a global hub by training more than 10,000 Amazon FBA Pakistani entrepreneurs and teaching them other digital skills to make them self-sufficient. This will inject USD1 billion into Pakistan’s economy by creating new employment opportunities. Here, FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) is a whole system in which business owners or runners bring their products to the Amazon warehouse. The Amazon powerhouse takes care of everything at fixed charges for about six months.

Sunny Ali enjoys tremendous support and love on his social media channels, being a great combination of a business mentor, influencer, and eCommerce entrepreneur. His WordPress page alone shows a whopping 741k community with 1 Million likes.

His coaching has helped endless emerging entrepreneurs learn how to build and expand their businesses on Amazon. Furthermore, he touches upon the concept of wealth creation alongside taking one’s business to an international level.

Did you know?

The guy just doesn’t have a vision or a mission in mind; he also practically takes steps to make it a reality. To further this vision, Sunny Ali invested over $3 million in Extreme Commerce, his brainchild and Pakistan’s largest online learning platform.

Extreme Commerce

sunny ali Extreme Commerce

The man of the hour who has single-handedly built successful businesses and entrepreneurs from scratch. Sunny Ali, of course. He is the Founder of the largest International Ecommerce Ecosystem, Extreme Commerce. A Pakistan-based eCommerce ecosystem that offers e-commerce consultancy to its users and clients. It primarily relates to selling on Amazon and establishing new business ventures online.


Extreme commerce was founded in 2017 by Sunny Ali. He wanted to boost the local economy by adding learned entrepreneurs and traders to the Pakistani community, mainly related to Amazon. His aim is to inject USD1 billion into Pakistan’s economy through extreme commerce. Imagine the fastest-developing entrepreneurial platform in Pakistan! You get Extreme Commerce. More than 90% of its members get free access to its training program. It helps them earn an estimated amount of a minimum of $500 to a maximum average of $3000 a month, either from freelance services or working with Amazon and other global eCommerce platforms.

Extreme Commerce emerged as a knowledge-sharing community and transformed into Pakistan’s most potent self-sustaining online ecosystem. Now you can better understand the e-commerce trade in Pakistan. This online platform offers several valuable features, such as:

  • Guidance/ mentorship at every step.
  • Professional virtual assistants (Vas) to assist you.
  • A limitless and valuable source of business/ Job opportunities.
  • Investment deals or partnerships in business/ eCommerce ventures, and more.

Influence on Community

Sunny Ali extreme commerce has significantly impacted the local and international community. Free access to underprivileged students to learning materials is only one of the major links of this system. Excellent mentorship and personalized coaching provide massive support and professional insight into how to start and maintain a business on Amazon or other digital platforms.


The world agrees about the genius and outstanding work of Sunny Ali. In a few years, he has become one of Pakistan’s leading faces of e-commerce on both levels: national and international. Moreover, various national TV channels and webinars always invite him to give an insightful lecture on multiple topics such as mentorship, starring your business on Amazon, wealth creation, entrepreneurship, etc.

Scope of Extreme Commerce Operation

Extreme Commerce initially started its operations in Pakistan. With speedy growth, it expanded internationally and now has a presence in Frankfurt, Toronto, Melbourne, London, Birmingham, Riyadh, Jeddah, Madina, Dubai, Jubail, and Dammam.

Extreme Commerce Genuineness

Extreme Commerce is most definitely legit for someone who wishes to earn handsomely or set up his business on Amazon. There is nothing fake about this platform and its learning materials.

Courses Offered in Sunny Ali Extreme Commerce

Courses Offered in Sunny Ali Extreme Commerce

  • Amazon FBA PL
  • Amazon FBA Wholesale
  • Ebay
  • Virtual Assistant (VA)
  • Art of Entrepreneurship
  • Shopify DS
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Kindle
  • Email Marketing
  • Micro PL

Extreme Commerce Free Courses

Extreme Commerce offers numerous free online courses that come in handy globally. Having the best of the best instructors works its magic in practical results, where students and newcomers learn new skills within no time. Furthermore, the use of Urdu language in these learning videos tremendously helps those learners who prefer their mother tongue to the English language. VBC offers free Video Boot camp series, which is designed to improve your skills to earn more. Enhance your learning ability, learn some soft skills and be your own boss.

Aim of Extreme Commerce

Extreme Commerce aims to teach the youth of today the best skills needed all over the world. Skills that give you consistent orders. You start earning a few hundred US Dollars on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., as a freelancer or launch your new business or brand on Amazon. These digits go in 4 and 5 figures with thorough learning from Extreme Commerce courses and consistent hard work.

FBA Course Extreme Commerce

FBA course by Extreme Commerce is also in tremendous demand nowadays. Amazon has offered a game-changer model for its online businesses. Through this program, an investor/ trader buys bulk product inventory in advance, storing it at an Amazon warehouse. When a customer purchases a product, Amazon readily packs up the product, sending it to the respective customers.

Extreme Commerce Managed Services

These are the one-stop learning solution for different brands globally in e-commerce. EC managed services are helping about 200 plus brands to scale their business.

EC Elite Program

Through the EC Elite program, you can own a sustainable asset for the long term as an investor.

What Is VBC?

sunny ali vbc

Sunny Ali VBC is a Video Boot Camp that lets you freely watch and listen to videos regarding money-making skills. These skills relate to eCommerce and the digital sector. You can learn more than 100 types of different skills and offer your services to clients across the globe to make some money. A new entrepreneur through VBC can even set up his own Amazon business. He can even earn at least $1,000 monthly. You learn from the best as each course is delivered by industry experts with the most up-to-date knowledge.

VBC Course Features

VBC is a portal full of zoom sessions and hands-on learning videos, readily available for almost all users. It is really suitable for beginners. You get 3 versions of VBC;

  • Free
  • Pro
  • Premium

The free version is for the underprivileged. If you are a student or have a salary less than RS 80K (Pakistan), then you are eligible for Free VBC, with limited seats available. VBC Pro costs US $150 for those overseas or above Rs 80k salary, and VBC Premium costs US $199. The later premium version carries all the great features and support of Sunny Ali extreme commerce.


You can help some underprivileged but deserving people get paid VBC by sponsoring them.

Key Statements/ Quotes of Sunny Ali

Quotes of Sunny Ali

Ali’s statements to leading media sources and various quotes about eCommerce and earning wealth make up for must-read content. These alone are sufficient to motivate or inspire a new entrepreneur or online learner. Some of these are:

“We want to enable Pakistanis to at least make $1,000 per month, which according to him, is the correct minimum wage that Pakistanis need to survive and improve not just their lifestyles but do something for their nation as well.”

 He further added,

 “My ideology is simple if I have an empty stomach, how can I even think of doing good for others? We need to eradicate this problem and take Pakistanis to self-sufficiency,”

In an article of  The Express Tribune, by Usman Hanif dated January 24, 2020 he encouraged newcomers with these words;

“Newcomers can find investors on our platform; they only need to show talent,” he said. “I have created a bridge between overseas Pakistanis and locals where they can help fulfil each other’s needs.”

He further expanded here with these valuable insights into the mind of an average Pakistani businessman.

“People don’t have an understanding of business in Pakistan even after doing it for decades. People tell me that they work 18 hours on their business. It’s a misunderstanding. A person who works longer hours on his business is not actually a businessman but self-employed. A businessman hires others to work for him, and he also has to do some work, but an investor never works, just sits back and lets his money work for him.”

 In Conclusion

Sunny Ali, the Malaysian-based Pakistani entrepreneur, always focused on the latest trends and changes in eCommerce and other digital earning categories. He rightly wishes to appropriately train Pakistani youth, making them, in turn, a self-sufficient part of society rather than a burden. Sunny Ali Extreme Commerce and Sunny Ali VBC are the invaluable contributions of this man’s efforts to promote learning at grass root levels. Learning a new skill to do freelancing or starting a new business on Amazon or other digital platforms was never that easy to learn before.

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