Relationship Guidelines Secrets Exposed! 8 Juicy Details

In a healthy relationship between couples, there needs to be a strong foundation comprising trust, honesty, and most importantly, respect. Moreover, efforts to keep the relationship strong should be taken by both people because everything needs to be done together to save the relationship from failing.

A good relationship exists when couples following healthy relationship guidelines and when you feel the most comfortable in your partner’s presence. When you both show encouragement to one another, along with immense respect for each other. However, there is also a healthy relationship guidelines checklist that exists, and if you both follow it religiously, your relationship will always remain healthy.

When partners in a relationship have respect for each other’s decisions and independence, then it is highly likely that you both will remain happy with one another forever. Hence, to maintain this happiness, it is important to keep the relationship guidelines in mind. Read on more to find out about the healthy relationship checklist!

1. Set up those boundaries

When you both have the lines drawn, and boundaries are set, then there are higher chances that you can maintain a healthy relationship. When boundaries are respected, you choose not to make your partner feel uncomfortable and make things unhealthy. As an important relationship guideline, always set up boundaries from the start.

Setting up boundaries can also help in communicating your needs to your partner. Your boundaries can be physical, emotional, sexual, and even spiritual. When you see your partner has been accepting of your boundaries, then you both can have a good relationship. However, once your partner starts crossing your boundaries, then respond to it immediately so there aren’t any further problems.

2. Have open and honest communication

relationship guidelines

In every relationship, the key guideline comprises having open and honest communication with one another. With an effective form of communication, you can easily share your needs. However, any miscommunication can lead to misunderstandings which can hurt your feelings. So, it is better to always speak up and listen to each other. This way, you can maintain a healthy relationship where all your needs are communicated.

Giving full attention when your partner is speaking is also extremely important. So, when your partner is trying to communicate something with you, then just keep your phone away. Also, stop doing anything that you are to listen to them carefully!

In case of any recent fight, you both might have had, try to let your concerns out in private. You both can then deal with them to find effective solutions. Such relationship guidelines can be a great way to rekindle the spark!

3. Trust is the key!

relationship guidelines

Trust takes a lot of time to be built. In a healthy relationship, trust is very important and it is also a necessary pillar that makes you both strong. As a relationship guideline, it is important to make sure that you both trust each other blindly. Without it, your relationship won’t last long.

To build trust, you can start by being reliable. Always rely upon each other during your good and bad days both. When you know that you both can rely upon each other, that’s when the relationship grows stronger and you trust completely.

Similarly, respecting your boundaries also helps in trust building. Always note if your partner respects you especially when you tell them about something that made you feel uncomfortable. If they respect that, then you both surely have a healthy relationship. However, it should be both ways!

Building trust is a necessary relationship guideline that requires you both to be honest. Always tell each other about how you feel instead of giving the silent treatment. Tell your partner even if you have made a mistake because if trust is broken, the relationship starts to weaken.

4. Try building a strong emotional connection with your partner

relationship guidelines

One of the best relationship guidelines is to be vulnerable with your partner to create a strong bond. With a deep emotional connection, you tend to make them feel loved and they do the same for you. So, try being verbal with your emotions and keep telling them how much you love them. Sharing your feelings and thoughts will make you feel more emotionally fulfilled and understood.

I believe that in the healthy relationship checklist, it is very important for couples to communicate their thoughts. Also, respecting your partner helps maintain a deeper bond.

However, none of you should be pressurized to be vulnerable when you aren’t ready to share your feelings at that time. Giving time and space to your partner is equally important.

5. Spending quality time with each other

relationship guidelines

Spending quality time as a couple can help build a strong and deep connection. Even if it has been a long time since you both were in that relationship, it is still essential to plan out activities that involve you both being together. Enjoy your date nights regularly so you both can have each other’s company from that daily routine. Spending time as a couple should always be remembered as a relationship guideline.

You can also spend time while being just at home. But make sure you are doing things that let you both spend time with one another once in a while. With kids and responsibilities, it may get difficult to plan things out. So, just be easy and take things naturally.

You can also try doing household chores together. Doing such tasks together helps in winding things up quickly and you can then spend time with each other later. It’s also a good way to spend time with your partner and fulfilling your responsibilities simultaneously.

6. Give surprises and try new things to spice up your relationship

Give surprises

Trying out new things together helps in keeping your relationship fresh and romance is always blossoming. It is natural for relationships to become routine because of so many other responsibilities and you both being in a relationship for too long. However, to spice things up and keep up that spark, you can try to do something creative and fun always.

Surprising your partner can be a nice gesture to make them feel important and loved. So, to make your relationship healthy, you need to work out on giving small gifts to each other, planning out romantic nights, and even small getaways to spend quality time.

Surprises don’t need to be grand and extravagant. You can also try making special dinners or just buying them something they wanted to buy for a long time can make your partner’s day!

7. Focus on keeping that intimacy alive

intimacy alive

A healthy relationship between couples is incomplete without physical touch and affection. Make sure you both initiate and build up physical intimacy in your relationship. Always hug your partner when they leave for work, hold each other’s hands, and cuddle before sleep.

When you feel close to your partner, your relationship becomes healthy. You also tend to create a physical and emotional bond because of physical intimacy. So, if there is a lacking of physical intimacy in your relationship, then make sure you start working on it as soon as possible!

8. Focus on conflict resolution

conflict resolution

It is natural to have conflicts and misunderstandings in any relationship. Handling them well with respect is all that matters in the end. Don’t blame one another during a fight and avoid harming your partner’s self-respect. Always try to work together on resolving the conflict and work on solutions that you both agree upon.

A healthy relationship checklist focuses on handling situations wisely. So, always try to end the fight and don’t leave them midway. This can create further problems and then it may get difficult to get things back to normal.

Healthy Relationship Guidelines Checklist:

  1. Communication: Maintain open and honest communication with your partner, expressing your thoughts, feelings, and needs clearly. Listen actively and attentively to each other.
  2. Trust: Build and maintain trust through reliability, honesty, and respecting each other’s boundaries. Trust is the foundation of a healthy relationship.
  3. Respect: Treat each other with respect, valuing each other’s opinions, decisions, and independence. Avoid disrespectful behavior or language.
  4. Boundaries: Establish and respect personal boundaries, including physical, emotional, sexual, and spiritual boundaries. Communicate your boundaries clearly and address any violations promptly.
  5. Emotional Connection: Foster a strong emotional connection by being vulnerable, expressing love and appreciation, and providing emotional support to one another.
  6. Quality Time: Make time for regular quality moments together. Engage in activities that you both enjoy and create shared experiences to deepen your bond.
  7. Intimacy: Maintain physical intimacy through affectionate gestures, such as hugging, holding hands, and cuddling. Prioritize maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sexual connection.
  8. Conflict Resolution: Handle conflicts respectfully and constructively. Focus on finding mutually satisfactory solutions, rather than blaming or criticizing each other.
  9. Novelty and Fun: Keep the relationship exciting by trying new things together, planning surprises, and engaging in shared hobbies or adventures.
  10. Positivity: Cultivate a positive mindset and attitude towards your partner. Focus on their strengths and appreciate them regularly. Practice gratitude and kindness in your interactions.


Positivity is the key to having a healthy relationship. Focusing on a healthy relationship checklist, and guidelines can help your couple to be in a better place. It also makes sure that their needs are fulfilled. Moreover, working on that bond is equally important. So, to make your relationship stronger, always try to respect each other at all times.

When you and your partner start focusing on these relationship guidelines, you will immediately feel a change in your relationship. You both will feel closer and more connected. All your struggles will start to get resolved too. Just keep focusing on the guidelines, and try ticking off the healthy relationship checklist to be happy!


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