Staying in Bed All Day Depression: How to Break Free and Reclaim Your Life

Overcome Staying in Bed All Day Depression-Live a Fulfilling Life

“Hey, doctor! Over the past few days, I’ve been feeling like I do not want to get out of my bed. It’s like there is no motivation left inside me. Is there anything you can do about that?”

Sounds familiar? If you’ve ever suffered from depression, then you are not alone. According to the national institute of Mental Health, 21% of the US population suffers from at least one major depressive episode. Sleep and Depression have been in a vicious circle. Depression leads you to sleep more, and increased sleep leads to aggravation of depression. It’s like the chicken or the egg; we can’t say which came first. Staying in bed all day depression often leads to delayed sleep patterns.

Sleeping on the Couch Depression

Depression and staying in bed all day can be enhanced by sleeping on the couch. Depressed people prefer to sleep on their couch rather than their bed. As they go to their bed, they relate negative thoughts and emotions with their bed, which makes it difficult to sleep on their bed. They feel a sense of security, control and comfort from their couch. By doing so, they tend to isolate themselves from the world.

staying in bed all day is a sign of depression

Depression and Sleep Cycle

Depression and disturbed sleep cycles are interconnected. Depression breaks your smooth, comfortable sleep cycle into small fragments, thus making you feel more tired throughout the day. Depression also leads to insomnia (decreased sleep), hypersomnia (increased sleep) and low quality of life.

How the Sleep Cycle Affects Anxiety and Depression

A disturbed sleep cycle leads to disruption of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This can lead to aggravation of anxiety and depression. Staying in bed all day depression can also occur due to disturbed sleep cycles.

Can Depression Cause You to Sleep a Lot?

When you are depressed, sleep feels like a sense of relief. Depressed people tend to sleep more to avoid their surroundings and environment. This condition is called hypersomnia. Depression and staying in bed all day ultimately lead to excessive daytime sleepiness. The desire to lie on the bed all the time depletes your energy, which further aggravates your depression.

How to Help a Depressed Person Get Out of Bed

“There is a lot of difference between listening and hearing”

Never leave your depressed loved ones alone. Always listen to their thoughts, feelings and emotions. You can actively participate in getting them out of bed by making plans with them. They will feel motivated if there is something to look forward to. Be their accountability fellow. Let them know that they are being loved. Staying in bed all day is a sign of depression. If their depression is severe enough, motivate them to seek help from medical professionals as soon as possible.

is staying in bed all day a sign of depression

How to Stop Laying in Bed All Day

If you are having difficulty getting out of bed and continuing your daily tasks, then here are the 10 most beneficial tips to get motivated.

Set Your Bedtime Routine

If you are awake till late at night and spend most of your night time on screen, then it will be difficult for you to wake up in the morning. Staying in bed all day depression can be improved by creating a bedtime routine. You can improve your sleep quality and thus a healthy morning routine as well. 20 minutes of workout before going to bed can help you go to deep sleep easily.

Enjoy the Wonders of a New Morning Routine

Depression and staying in bed all day are interconnected. Most depressed people lack the motivation to wake up in the morning, as they are already predicting what is going to happen. Restart your morning routine in a new and unpredictable way. Change your alarm tone as well as your breakfast menu. The wonders which poached egg, bacon and French toast can do are incomparable to regular bread and butter. From regular walks and yoga to strict cardio, you can do whatever makes you feel happy.

Early Morning Companions

Instead of a harsh feeling less alarm clock, isn’t it much better to start your day with the voice of your supportive friend each day? You can ask any of your dearest friends to wake you up in the morning. This human alarm will not only greet you in the morning, but will motivate you to accomplish today’s tasks. By doing so, he can help you in getting out of staying in bed all day depression. Seek help from friends whenever you are unable to cope with the situation despite making a lot of effort.

Enjoy the Wonders of a New Morning Routine

Positive Reinforcement

You can simply kick your depression and staying in bed all day by making your favourite breakfast. Bribe yourself with self-care and buy your favourite outfit. Face the world and your day with positive reinforcements.

Pets: More than Just a Furry Fellow

Do you know pets can help you with certain mental health conditions? Pets can elevate your mood and help you bring positive emotions. Take your pets out for a morning walk. This can reduce your anxiety and depression.

Light Up the Darkness

Staying in bed all day is a sign of depression. According to research, light therapy can enhance your mood and help you in getting out of bed. You don’t need big fancy lights or candles for doing so. Just opening the window or your blinds after waking up can help reduce your depression. Similarly, you can sleep with open windows and curtains, so that you can wake up early with the beautiful voice of nature.

Find a Reason to Get Up in the Morning

When you sleep at night while worrying about the morning, this is not going to work at all. You have to find an interesting and exciting reason to wake up in the morning. When there are pleasant reasons attached with getting up in the morning, you will get out of depression and staying in bed all day. You can make a checklist or sticky notes for each day.

Dietary Modifications

Not only exercise and bedtime routine, but certain dietary changes can also help you in getting rid of staying in bed all day depression. These include restricting the use of caffeine and smoking. According to a study, the use of caffeine before sleep can affect your sleep and daytime activities.

Find a Reason to Get Up in the Morning

Stop Being Too Hard on Yourself

Do not overburden yourself with plenty of tasks each day. Start with baby steps. Assign a few tasks to yourself each day for your motivation, and try to accomplish those tasks.

Treat your Depression and Seek Help

Is staying in bed all day a sign of depression? Yes, it can be. Despite making a lot of effort, if you think your depression is getting worse, then seek help from a medical practitioner as soon as possible.

You Deserve Better: You Know That

Put yourself at the top of your to-do list. Clean yourself in the morning by taking a shower and proper self-care. An early morning shower can help reduce anxiety and depression. Use your favorite perfume or roll-on. You can get rid of staying in bed all day depression by simply buying a new shampoo, perfume or a deodorant.


Depression can affect your sleep cycle. By disturbing your night sleep and increasing your daytime sleep, depression can affect sleep in so many ways.

Excessive sleeping can be a sign of major depressive illness.


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