My Husband Yells At Me What I Did to Calm Him

The echoes of his angry voice reverberate through my home walls. When my husband yells at me this leaves me feeling helpless, hurt, and searching for a way to restore peace.

Yelling is not a solution to every problem when it comes to relationships. But unfortunately, it is an all-too-common occurrence for many couples, especially in my case.

My husband tends to yell or raise his voice when we have disagreements; it makes the situation worse and leads to further conflict.

Fortunately I have found simple ways to calm heated arguments before they escalate out of control.

I am writing this article, especially for those who are experiencing this problem.. I will discuss easy ways to make husbands stop yelling at you and improve communication between both. So, are you ready to stop and calm your yelling husband let’s get started. 

Why Is My Husband Yelling At Me?

It’s never easy when a spouse raises their voice at the wife, but it can happen even in the healthiest relationships. Depending on the situation and underlying causes, there are several steps to help reduce the husband’s yelling. Here are some common reasons why my husband yells at me.

My Husband Yells at Me

Reasons Why Does My Husband Yell At Me

1. Anger and Frustration

One of the basic reasons behind his yelling is that he might be prone to outbursts of anger or frustration, which can be a reflexive way for him to express this. He may feel overwhelmed by the pressures of day-to-day life or resentful about his lack of control over certain situations, which can lead to him taking it out on me.

My Husband Yells at Me

2. Stress

Husbands are always at the front row to help their families and protect them from others. Sometimes my husband faces several stressful issues due to which he lacks control.

Stress can have a huge impact on the way he behaves. If he is under extreme pressure at home or work, he may be more likely to take it out on you in the form of yelling.



3. Physical Change

Usually, our body undergoes several chemical changes which affect our physical as well as mental health. The same happens to husbands when their body undergoes a chemical change, or they cannot provide enough rest to their body; their mode starts changing. Especially my husband yelled at me for any reason.

4. Disrespect

If I don’t listen to my husband, he feels disrespectful and gets rude. He may feel frustrated by this and become angry, which can lead him to yell to get his point across.

5. Anger Management Problem  

Due to too much stress and workload, some people have anger management problems, and my husband is among them. If he can’t handle anything, he will start yelling. If I’m around, he will target me to get rid of his anger.

7 Most Effective Ways How I Stop & Calm Him

If you are thinking about what to do if my husband yells at me, you are in the right place. Here we have the 7 easiest and most effective ways that help me to stop my husband from yelling at me. 

  • Communicate Calmly 

The first and most important way to stop my husband from yelling at me is to communicate with him calmly. Talking in a calm, collected manner can help defuse the situation and prevent it from escalating out of control.

A few wives try to consult domestic violence attorneys for a solution that will infuriate their husbands. You must calm them by expressing your love and talking to them in the right manner in which they feel comfortable. 

Listen To Him Actively

  • Listen To Him Actively 

Listening actively to others always helps to sort out any kind of problem. The same I apply here in my situation when my husband is angry and yelling.

When listening to him, I make sure to really concentrate on what he has to say. I show that I care by asking engaging questions and responding with empathy. This can make a big difference in how he perceives the conversation and can help reduce his yelling. 

  • Never Fight Back 

Never fighting back when your husband starts yelling at you is important. Instead, take a step back and try to focus on understanding the root cause of what he is saying. This will help defuse the situation and make it easier for you both to come up with solutions together. I do the same in my case to calm him quickly.

  • Identify Triggers 

Once my husband yells at me, I start to identify any potential triggers that may be causing my husband to yell. After finding it, it’s time to start positively addressing them. This could be anything from stressors in his life or certain topics of conversation that always seem to lead to arguments.

Whatever it is, we both work together to find solutions and prevent future conflicts. 

compliments scaled

  • Let Him Know How It Feels Like Yelling At Someone 

Another way to stop the husband from yelling is to let him know how it feels when someone yells at them. This could be done through a discussion or a simple reminder that you are uncomfortable with being yelled at. By doing this, he will realize his words’ impact on you and hopefully take steps to modify his behavior in the future.

  • Use Of “I” Statement 

Use Of I Statement

Using “I” statements can also be extremely helpful in stopping husbands from yelling at their wives. This statement helps keep conversations focused on yourself instead of making accusations or focusing on what your partner is doing wrong. This can help create an environment of understanding and mutual respect instead of one filled with hostility and anger.

  • Be Empathetic 

Being able to truly understand where he is coming from and why he might act a certain way can go a long way in helping both of you work out any disagreements or issues that arise between the two of us. By showing empathy, my husband feels more respected and understood, which could lead to less heated arguments.

Best Responses When My Husband Yells At Me

Your response toward your husband yelling at you decide the upcoming moments. If you are a loving wife, you will calm him quickly. Here are my best responses which I apply to myself when he is angry. 

  • Stay Calm 

The worst thing you can do when your husband yells at you is to yell back, engage in a shouting match, or threaten him with a domestic violence lawyer. This will only make the situation worse and more tense. Instead, take a deep breath and stay calm.

staying calm

You must remind yourself that he is probably just upset and not trying to hurt you intentionally. Acknowledge his feelings without taking them personally, but don’t try to argue or debate with him in this heightened state of emotion.

  • Reassure Him That I am Listening 

Reassure Him That I am Listening

Another good response to your husband yelling at you is to reassure him that you are listening by making direct eye contact, nodding, and reflecting on what he has said. This will help him feel heard, understood, and validated. It will also set a respectful tone of communication that can help diffuse the situation.

  • Focus On Moving Forward 

Once your husband feels heard and acknowledged, it is important to switch focus and look forward to how you can move on from where you are now. This might be by having an honest conversation about what the issue was or making a plan together to work through it in the future. Focus on solutions rather than dwelling on past mistakes and negative emotions.

  • Speak In A Clear And Respectful Tone 

When communicating with your husband, especially during times of high tension, it is important to remain respectful and use clear language that does not blame or accuse him of anything. This will defuse the situation and create an atmosphere where you can have a constructive conversation.

Yelling Will Not Work  

It can be difficult to deal with a husband yelling at me, but it is possible. With patience and understanding, you can learn how to respond in a way that will help your husband understand why his behavior is not acceptable. 

Sometimes husbands complain that my wife yells at me. Remember that communication is key when it comes to any kind of relationship problem, and don’t give up on trying to resolve conflicts peacefully.



Yelling alone is not sufficient to label someone as toxic. Toxic individuals exhibit other characteristics, such as consistently blaming you, isolating you from friends and family, imposing their will upon you, and engaging in physical abuse.


Yelling can have a significant impact on the relationship between spouses. It can lead to emotional disturbances, depression, and anxiety among both partners. Additionally, yelling can erode trust and create distance between husband and wife.


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