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Get to Know the Daraz Seller Center!


Daraz Seller Center! Whether you know about it or it’s a new term, there is no need to worry. This article will give you all the valuable insights into using the Daraz Seller Center.

Nowadays, a business can never have too many ventures or shops. The more selling points, the more the chances of better Return on your Investments (ROI).

One such online earning platform is Daraz, with its presence in 5 countries across South Asia; Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. It boasts more than 25 Million users alone on its platform. A leading virtual marketplace that gives you access to more than 100+ categories of products to sell online.

Just imagine the sheer scope of this selling platform. No wonder the successful giant Alibaba Group acquired Daraz in 2018 to expand its presence across South Asia. They could also see the endless possibilities the Daraz online brand was bringing with its name.

The key is to keep an open mind to all business activities, and online selling is the “survival tactic” of the day. By becoming a Daraz seller, you pave the way for success in your financial endeavours.

Shed your confusion, explore the concept of joining a Daraz Seller Center, and make yourself a Daraz seller in some detail.

What is a Daraz Seller Center?

Daraz Seller Center is a blossoming virtual platform where you can receive orders and sell across a country like Pakistan as a Daraz seller. You get yourself a Daraz Seller Account to register and upload your products on the Daraz marketplace. After a fruitful transaction, you receive the payment of your order directly in your account.

  • Do you own a small or medium-sized business and want to increase its potential by working from home? This is the right spot for you where you can handle your online orders quickly and smoothly.
  • You target a larger audience than your physical business or product-selling venture. Moreover, Daraz’s aggressive discounting policies make it highly attractive to your potential customer base.
  • Opening a shop or a Daraz Seller Account is completely free. However, Daraz deducts a small percentage of the commission from the payment of the seller’s orders. The amount of the commission depends on the type of product category the order falls under. But if you sell by the hundreds, say in a month, this amount will only feel like a drop in the ocean.
  • You can list thousands of products to sell on Daraz Seller Center except the ones prohibited explicitly by Daraz. It also includes posting or selling an item that is restricted by law. So, if you decide to become a Daraz Seller, skim through this list thoroughly to avoid any bad marks against you in the future.

The questions come in hordes, “How to go for Daraz Seller Login?” And why your business or work-from-home genuinely needs the Daraz Seller Central approach.

Why do you need a Daraz Seller Center?

Anybody can make a website on the internet and start their online selling journey. What makes Daraz Seller Center so unique? It must have something valuable to offer that sellers are flocking to this virtual e-commerce store in rising numbers.

Let’s count some whys of your becoming a Daraz Pk Seller to promote your products or business.

1.    Complete Selling Support

As a new Daraz Seller, you need not worry about not knowing anything about online selling. Whether it is a small or medium enterprise, the size doesn’t matter. You can get help with seller support and Daraz University free any time of day or night.

2.    Quick On-Time Payments

On Daraz, you get timely payments for any products you sell. The funds are safely deposited directly to your bank account weekly with no issues.

3.    Reliable Shipping Network

A dependable delivery method is worth in gold. Daraz Seller Center gives you precisely that; a fast, reliable, and hassle-free Daraz logistic network for efficient delivery.

 4.    Free Registration

Daraz Seller Account Create is free. Daraz also allows you to begin selling on the platform in less than two days with its quick registration.

5.    Massive Reach

Millions of customers on Daraz make it Pakistan’s most visited shopping destination. Leaving aside the other four South Asian Daraz countries, you can access such a massive potential market in Pakistan alone. A Daraz Seller Account gives you that edge over your business competitors.

6.    Marketing Tools

Finding new customers was never that easy before, as a Daraz Seller Center offers you a wide range of marketing tools. With free in-app advertising, you can attract more customers without spending any money.

How to Start Selling as a Daraz Seller?

For those starting as a new Daraz Seller, the Daraz Seller Account setup is easily accomplished if you know the proper steps. Read on to get the basic gist.

1)    Create a Daraz Seller Account

Daraz Seller

  • First, create a Daraz Seller Account using only your email or mobile number. You may visit the Daraz website or the Daraz Seller App to fill out the registration form. Both work fine. This Daraz Seller Sign-up is totally free of cost. Now, you only need to work with the option of the Daraz Seller Login for constant use.
  • Then comes the second part of entering all relevant details and information regarding multiple items;
  1. Your personal information, such as CNIC info
  2. Your business or store details, name, and address to help identify it
  • Your bank account details or other information necessary for bank payments

2)    Describe your Product

List the products which you wish to sell through the Daraz Seller Center. Give both short and long product descriptions with appropriate images. Start selling as soon as your products go live.

You can keep in mind several things while adding your products to the online store;

  1. Select the perfect category for your to-sell product.
  2. Appoint a suitable short name for your product, easily remembered by customers.
  • Mention your product’s relevant brand name, if any; otherwise, put down “No brand” in writing.
  1. Describe your product’s features in detail with precise specifications.
  2. Upload vivid images of your product, a maximum of up to 8. Also, add a video URL in the appropriate section if you wish to upload any showcasing your product.
  3. Clearly state your product price, quantity, and availability in the relevant boxes.
  • Mention return policy, delivery details, and other relevant finer points in the box to avoid conveying misinformation.

3)    Accept Orders and Receive Payments

After finishing the profile and product descriptions, you can begin accepting orders to sell your products. Receive your order and ready your item as Daraz deals with the transit and delivery of your package.

You can handle all your customers’ orders by accessing the Daraz Seller Center through the web portal or the Daraz Seller App. The Daraz e-store sends your payments directly into your bank account. Once started, keep up the winning streak and expand your home business or store relentlessly.

What if you go against Daraz’s mandated policies? It’s good to know all aspects of using the Daraz Seller Center. Then, you can only blame yourself in case of any misfortune.

Consequences of Daraz Policy Breach

Daraz doesn’t allow the sale of illegal or prohibited items, as mentioned above. It has issued a clear listing of such unwelcome items. If you breach this policy as a Daraz Seller, your products get locked by the Daraz platform.

Similarly, non-compliance points are also clearly mentioned. You will have to face account deactivation as a Daraz Seller if your accumulated non-compliance points reach up to 48. So, stay on the right path and follow the rules.

Moving forwards, you have opened a Daraz Seller Account. There must be an ideal formula you can follow to get the maximum benefit from using the Daraz Seller Center. We bring you 3 tips to help you manage your Daraz Seller Account efficiently.

3 Tips to Manage the Daraz Seller Center Perfectly

Daraz has strict criteria for sellers. Hence, it is crucial to handle your orders efficiently to avoid getting delisted from the platform.

1)    Give Importance to Inventory Management

Your seller rating improves when you sell well with zero or fewer cancellation rates. The ratings depend on other scores, such as the cancellation rate, timely shipping, return rate, and product rating. An excellent rating will let you join the Daraz sales, which will boost your product sales further.

Did you know?

Daraz allows only a 4-5% cancellation rate, after which your business or shop gets delisted from Daraz.

By perfectly managing your inventory, you won’t have to cancel orders because of a shortage or poor shipping time. The best thing is to get added to the “Seller Picks” category of Daraz, which makes your shop more prominent. You can only achieve this with at least 60% of the seller’s rating.

So, work on your inventory management as a Daraz Seller.

2)    Work on your Sales Management Skills

daraz seller center

Daraz keeps offering spectacular sales offers to its potential customers. Going to the Daraz Seller Account Login alone gives you a thorough idea of upcoming sales notifications.

11.11 and 12.12 are some particular examples of Daraz’s discount offers. With such running offers, you will notice that your Daraz Seller Center is getting a lot of traffic, which means greater sales volume.

Now, this is the crucial part. You have to be prepared to have the necessary managerial capacity to manage these orders. A high sales volume means a greater chance of errors too. A single bad review can leave its mark in the long term.

Thus, provide the best customer care and be ready to handle bulk orders effectively.

3)    Always Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

In the highly competitive world of Daraz, you can stand out as a Daraz Seller by strictly following your customer feedback. The opinions and suggestions of your users offer insight into what they want from your business. Furthermore, they guide you on how to improve your products and services.

Communicating with the customer, even if they give you a bad review, is a great way to show potential customers that you care about them. Your shop’s image also stays positive in their minds.

Remember, managing your customers politely rather than earning a bad reputation is better. Daraz Seller Center can help you at each step of this journey.

Parting Thoughts

Hence, long story short, the Daraz Seller Center gives you the freedom and resources to sell your products to the broadest possible target audience with minimal effort. Become a Daraz Seller today to begin on a successful and fast-paced path of online selling. Otherwise, you will miss an excellent opportunity to reach the sky with your potential earnings and customer base.



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