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Youth is an exciting period when one develops romantic feelings for another. Considering this period, most high school individuals end up in relationships which, from the point of view of society, end up as fleeting; there are situations when first love blossoms into a lifetime relationship, which is often criticized by senior citizens and parents often questioning their young children that do you know Do high school relationships last? How long do high school relationships last?

While everyone wishes for love to endure forever, the average length of a relationship varies according to age, as do the skills that kids acquire from parental relationships. The length of time a young couple stays together demonstrates what they understand about relationships and the lessons they obtain from them as they get older.


Before the 12th grade, 63% of high school students had been on at least one date. According to L. Brannon’s research in ‘Gender: Psychological Perspectives,’ 57% of teens from 12 to 17 are routinely dating, and one-third have a dependable partner.

do high school relationships last

Still, the question demands a quantitative analysis of Do high school relationships last? And if they last, how long do high school relationships last?

Relationships become increasingly vital as teenagers age and continue for different periods. When teens are between 16 and 18, a high school relationship typically lasts 1.5 to 1.8 years. Most such couples break up when males and females start college, and just a few high school couples survive college and marry!

How Many High School Relationships Last?

When thinking about high school relationships, people tend to think, do high school relationships last? And how many high school relationships last? Approximately 2% of individuals marry their first love. The divorce rate for high school sweethearts is 54%. Of the 2% who match, only 0.9% of high school sweethearts marry without divorcing, while 1.1% divorce each other. 

How long do high school relationships last
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How Many People Marry Their High School Sweethearts?

Many questions arise when thinking about marriage, especially when people think of weddings about high school love. Then, questions like is it even possible to marry a high school sweetheart, and if it is possible, then how many people marry their high school sweetheart? Marriages that occur when a person is 18 years old or younger have a 10% chance of breaking up after one year, and that chance rises to 29% after five years, according to a CDC analysis. In comparison, 6% of those who marry between the ages of 20 and 25 divorce after one year of marriage, and 17% divorce after five years. 

How Many People Marry Their High School Sweethearts

According to Daniel Dashnaw, a family and marriage therapist, an early marriage might influence other life decisions. Just 19% of married high school sweethearts go to college. Moreover, only about 2% have a college degree.

While education isn’t a guarantee for prosperity or happiness, it can impact one’s earning potential and social standing. As a result, a college degree is related to longer-lasting marriages. 

Reasons Why High School Relationships Fail

  • Crisis Of Self-Identity

According to Jane Kroger, Ph.D., an identity researcher, the quest for self-identity is a core job of adolescence. Teenagers must identify their societal function and comprehend their passions and abilities to make the best decisions in various scenarios.

According to Seiffge-Krenke and colleagues’ study, many 17-year-olds strive to create their identity while maintaining romantic connections. The inability to maintain balance and the quest for self-identity and closeness frequently leads to a relationship disaster.

Furthermore, because the quest for oneself persists in early adulthood, individuals frequently change their perspectives on how their life should appear and what relationship they should regard.

  • You’re Still Determining What You Want

High school is a period for exploration and discovery. Children are finding their beliefs and priorities and maybe separating from their families for the first time.

Even if adolescents gain independence, they still have a long road ahead. It’s challenging to know what they want in another individual (or even in themselves) until they’re genuinely “in the real world” and coping with life’s daily problems.

Reasons Why High School Relationships Fail

  • They Have Different Goals

When a teenager sets to graduate from high school, they have a lot on their mind—for example, studying for college entrance examinations, selecting classes there, etc. It is when a relationship takes a turn, and quarrels begin.

As they grow older, teens confront more and more everyday life obstacles, one of which is identifying their top priorities (as well as having the ability to balance between relationships). Sadly, not all couples can overcome this obstacle.

  •  Long Distances

After high school, one or both lovers often go to universities in different states. Long-distance relationships are rather usual; 30-40% of undergraduates date someone from outside their immediate geographic region.

However, not everyone can deal with the sentiments of suspicion and envy resulting from prolonged absences. One of the lovers may begin to doubt the loyalty of the other. If nothing changes, the couple may be forced to break up.

  • Family

Parents may not have the last say in their children’s relationships, but their words matter. Therefore, it can feel frustrating when they don’t like your partner. As a result, this frustration might lead to arguments and, eventually, break up if these issues are not handled correctly.

How To Make High School Relationships Last Longer

  • Communication

Communication is one of the most essential strategies for developing a lasting love. It is the bond that holds a relationship together through both light and dark times. A high school romance is no exception. High school relationships need it more. 

As the relationship evolves, there will be many bumps on the path. Misunderstandings tend to develop into something else that may eventually lead to a split if the correct communication skills are not used to overcome these hurdles. 

  • Avoid The Tendency To Mold

Avoid the tendency of some people to mold themselves to their present relationship to impress them. A relationship in which lovers are not expressing their true selves is unlikely to last, be healthy, or be gratified in the long run. As you meet and interact with new individuals, consider who you truly are and what you desire in possible mates. You may therefore lay the groundwork for increasingly healthy and lasting relationships over time.

  • Getting Ready For Changes

Change is a continuous element that does not discriminate against any age group or gender; it affects everyone. Recognizing and embracing this early on is a significant advantage for young couples, increasing their chances of success. 

  • Maintaining Priorities

High school relationships are infamous for having ups and downs. Getting caught up in hormones, adolescent angst, keeping up with pals, and dealing with classes is easy. 

Suppose they are responsible and old enough to have a relationship. In that case, they must ensure that that relationship does not interfere with other elements of their life, including their education. They can sometimes overlap, but only occasionally. 

If high school sweethearts develop this practice early on, it will help them later on maintain their priorities straight. It’s a quality that can help ensure a healthy long relationship.

  • Grow With Each Other

It is about personal development. If anything is causing problems in your relationship, determine what it is and address it. Day after day, work on your relationship, learning to appreciate your partner’s viewpoint, objectives, likes, and dislikes. Learning things and accepting each other’s faults help to grow in relationships. In this kind of circumstance, you will only be able to grow alongside one another.


If you question, “Do high school relationships last?” Although teens’ love relationships tend to be the shortest of any age group, they are accumulating experiences that will allow them to have increasingly longer engagements. Inexperience and immaturity are gradually replaced with confidence and self-awareness, which make someone a terrific romantic partner at any age. Every individual and every relationship is unique, so it’s all about considering what works best for them and making the most of it.


After high school, things start to change when students enter college, which raises the question of what percentage of high school relationships last in college. In the first semester of college, 37% of long-distance relationships dissolve. Only 60% of long-distance partnerships are successful. 81% of individuals cheat on a close friend or coworker. In college, 11% of females and 10% of guys cheat. Only 20 out of 10,000 could maintain their relationship, which is only 2%.

Relationships in high school may be a beneficial element of the high school experience and are developmentally normal. Every relationship has ups and downs, allowing us to learn more about ourselves and others.


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