7 Ultimate Nail Care Tips With our DIY Hacks!

Who doesn’t love having excellent nails? I have yet to see an energetic fashion-savvy female who confidently claims I don’t want perfect lovely hands or feet. It’s not always about your looks; your nails also shape your personality. Having unhealthy, chewed-off, or torn fingertips is no way to portray yourself to the outside world.

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You must invest your time and attention in developing healthy fingers with fabulous tips. You may be one of those individuals who finds it hard to know hand care if you have never searched DIY ultimate nail care and spa before.

Did you know?

In 2022 alone, the Nails segment generated a worldwide revenue amounting to US$11.27bn. Furthermore, this market is expected to grow annually by about 5.87%.

Besides this statistic, you should go for having perfectly manicured hands just because you want them to give you that perfectly groomed look.

The key is not to fall prey to myths about getting and maintaining the best hands and fingertips. Many people blindly follow the advice of beauty salons, some of which may not suit them best at the individual level regarding any needed treatments.

Read on and shed your worries with our best DIY ultimate nail care hacks.

1. Don’t Cut your Cuticles

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Many argue in favor of trimming at home or a nail salon, stating that it helps the polish go on better and stay on longer. Here a cuticle is the skin edge at the bottom of your finger. This area is called a nail bed.

  • You need these lovelies intact. Trimming or cutting them is unnecessary, as you can still have great fingertips while keeping your cuticles.
  • This skin edge aims to protect you from bacteria, acting as a natural barrier against any fungus. Moreover, a removed or trimmed skin edge from your finger bottom can make them red or swollen. In some cases, it may also result in a nasty infection, even leading to long-term damage.
  • Just pushing these skin edges back can create issues as well. The perfect thing is to leave your cuticle alone or stop your salon expert from removing them while applying polish to your hands and feet.

2. Get Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover

importance of nail care
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Harsh chemicals are always going to leave your nails extremely dry and brittle. It makes them more prone to breakage and may even thin their layers after constant use. So, what to do? How to remove your nail polish along with maintaining the ultimate nail care?

  • The secret trick is to go for acetone-free polish removers. A standard paint remover can damage your hand or toe tips with its high acetone concentrations. Here, acetone is that fast-acting solvent that dissolves the polish instantly.

Just imagine how many chemicals you apply daily on yourself in the form of polish removers. Even though acetone-free polish removers are mild, they can still whip off the remnants of your polish in no time, leaving behind pretty hands and feet

3. Moisturize the Nails

Ever heard of nail moisturization? Yes, you read it right. If we can hydrate our faces and skin, we can also protect our hands and feet from getting dry or flaky by moisturizing them.

There is little actual medical data that clearly states that moisturizing actually helps nails grow well or longer. Still, the process of moisturizing can make your cuticles look better.

Whether men or women, you need to protect the moisture in your body. Dermatologists recommend moisturizing creams such as petroleum jelly, vitamin E, or other cuticle creams that suit you at night. Apply daily for the best care treatment

 4. Wear Gloves while Working

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How often do we dip our hands or feet in the water doing household chores without giving it any thought?

What you don’t realize is that most cleansing detergents contain chemicals and will harm or damage your hands or feet when they come in contact with them.

Similarly, your nails can absorb water up to about a quarter of their weight when dipped. This water expands them, and when they dry, they contract. It leaves them weaker than before due to constant expansion and contraction.

  • The best solution is to wear gloves to protect your hands, avoiding them becoming brittle and delicate.

5. Add Biotin to your Diet

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A healthy balanced diet can make you healthier but to a certain extent. Adding a magical vitamin B type may make a tremendous difference in giving you solid toenails and fingernails.

Even studies show that brittle fingertips that are easily breakable may point to a biotin deficiency. The ideal thing to do is to support your diet with an extra dose of this wonderful B vitamin. No harm in being over-health conscious.


A study checked the effect of biotin supplements on nail brittleness. The results showed a significant nail thickness increase after taking a regular biotin dose of about 2mg. But if you have doubts, consult your health consultant or nutritionist before beginning your biotin intake regime. You can never be too sure of something.

6. Go for a Nail-Friendly Diet

Who says your diet doesn’t affect your skin, hair, and nails? Everything you consume has a direct impact on you. Forget all the crash-diet propaganda and aim to eat a variety-rich and nutrient-rich diet for your pretty hands.

Top care is possible with the help of a diet consisting of different fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, healthy omega-3 in fish, whole grains, nuts, etc. Also, stop rejecting eating healthy foods of all types; you will have shining fingernails to show.

7. Don’t Scrape off your Nail Polish

A common mistake anybody can make is lazing off on using a nail polish remover. You start scraping off your polish.

  • You don’t understand that it’s the worst thing you can do to your hands or feet. Because it removes the top-healthy layer of your toenails or fingernails, leaving them patchy and rough.

So, use an acetone-free polish remover.

5 Importance of Nail Care

You should be aware of what works best for your hand care. Take care of your toes and fingers, as your hands and feet matter.

      I. Hygienic and Healthier Hands

Regular care of your finger and toenails helps maintain good hygiene and prevents accumulation of dirt, bacteria, and fungi. Furthermore, trim them short to support a healthier look.

    II. Gaining Great Appearance

Keep your hands and feet clean and washed up with the proper soaping technique to produce that enhancing appearance of a well-maintained figure.

   III. Preventing Damage

Go for damage prevention by keeping your nails at an appropriate length and shape. This way, you can avoid accidental snagging or tearing, leading to painful injuries or infections. Similarly, avoid exposing yourself to excessive moisture or harsh chemicals, which can weaken your buffed tips over time.

   IV. Promoting Nail Strength

Adopt healthy habits about your fingernails and toenails to add maximum strength. Because poor care only damages and brittles those lovely tips.

    V. Relaxing with Self-Care

Foster your self-care regime! Add caring, moisturizing, and applying polish to your nails to this routine. You will get that headrush of ultimate relaxation.

Parting Thoughts

What do we realize from all the above content?

Maintaining great hands and feet requires love and attention daily. Using random nail polishes or removers and mistreating or ignoring your nails can all result in damaged and rough surfaces. A healthy rainbow diet also seals the deal to get that dream enchanting personality and appearance. Pick up your game and experience the best at home for the ultimate nail care experience and remember the 5 importance of nail care.


Biotin, a vitamin B Complex, is the perfect remedy for shiny fingernails. It is further beneficial to take it along with other vital vitamins such as A, C, and E.

Healthy ones are smooth in texture without grooves or pits. Additionally, they show uniformity in consistency and are free of spots or discoloration.

Go for a well-balanced diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean sources of proteins, sufficient healthy carbohydrates, and fats.

Brittle texture is the first indication that your fingers and toes need excellent care. Some unhealthy indicators include discoloration, lines, and curving of the texture.


The information, including any text and images in this DIY Nail Care Hacks blog, is for informational purposes only. No material is intended to be a substitute for professional medical or health diagnosis or advice. Always seek the advice of a professional health care expert before trying any new health care regimen discussed in this blog, and never disregard professional advice as a consequence of anything you might have read from this website. Adeeali website and the writer Warda Faizan will not be held accountable if you try any new concept from this article without consulting your medical advisor.


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