Attaining A Magical Life: Everybody’s Ultimate Dream!

No matter how much life seems boring or the same to you daily, there is magic there, waiting to be found. You just have to believe in its existence and that you can have a magical life if you try hard enough for it. Not the kind of hocus-pocus magic that pops into your mind. Thinking witches, potions, broomsticks; hold your thoughts there. I am talking about that much-fantasized ethereal emotion: the magic in your life. When you feel it, you know you are there in life where you should be.

How to attain this elusive state when you can loudly proclaim from the rooftops; my life is magical? Is it actually something attainable? Or just a myth? What can be some examples of such a magical life in our harsh reality of today’s world?

Life is Magical Meaning

Who doesn’t wish for a magical life? If you are reading this, there’s a good chance you do too. In only stories, you wave a ‘magic wand,’ instantly making your life magical. In reality, you have to work for it. When you let yourself go to achieve happiness and fulfillment in little things, you, too, can have a magical life. So, yes! Life is magical is not something to say just for asking sake but is a definite possibility if you know what to look for in the right direction.

life is magical


What Magic is in Life

So, before wanting a magical life, pause and calmly consider what comes to mind when you think of the term ‘Magic in your life.’

Your answer might surprise you, matching the general biggest misconceptions in our society.

Money, Power, or even Fame. If possible, all of them.

Most people go for these terms, but the reality is magic is the positive energies all around you and within you. You need to acknowledge this power to tap into it for a better life full of magic.

How to Live a Magical Life

Living a magical life is everyone’s dream. They only don’t know how to approach this fantastic phenomenon or ideology. The first step is changing your whole perspective toward yourself and life. You should also accept that you can’t control everything and instead embrace an attitude of gratitude and appreciation. This will create a more ‘positive mindset.’

Then you will see your life turn around for the better. Have you ever had that crystal-clear moment?

When you shed negativity and let go of your ego or over-expectations, you begin to see the world through a new lens.

You realize that it truly is a beautiful, magical world full of love, abundance, and opportunities. Then, living a magical life doesn’t seem like a far-fetched fantasy.

Examples of Magic in Everyday Life

There is magic all around us; metaphorically speaking, you need to open your eyes and ears to see and hear it. Those who deny its existence might never grasp the idea of a magical life unless it hits them in the face, like a punch out of the blue. Let’s explore some examples of magic in everyday life.

1.  Be Your True Self!

Try to be your authentic self by following the goals that you want to follow. Don’t get pressured by what others will think. Do things that make you happy, as it is the ultimate secret to happiness in life. Magical things happen when you stay true to your passions and the things you love doing.

Examples of Magic in Everyday Life

2.  Dream Small But Wonderful.

If you wish to discover the magic in the universe, you need to start dreaming magical dreams. They don’t have to be bigger, but they should be powerful and meaningful. You don’t need to go on a lengthy spiritual journey to find the magic in your life. All you have to do is observe more to discover the hidden magic in every aspect of your life. It can be your breakfast: you can make it a bit prettier every morning or look at the most unassuming person in the room and find something outstanding about them.

3. Make Good People Your Companions

Surround yourself with good people who uplift your spirits and amplify your energy. Meet with people who give you excitement about life. Additionally, have those individuals as your companions who inspire you to live more authentically and become your best version. Look for such things when selecting friends, business partners, mentors, clients, etc. You will find life is magical indeed.

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4.  Make Your Life Simpler

We carry so much unwanted baggage with us in our lives that eats up our energies, giving us no productive results and leaving us tired instead. The key is to let go of anyone or anything that no longer fits into your vision for your near future. When you say YES to anyone to please them, you say NO to your dreams. Learn to say a sure “No, thank you!” Remember, amazing things will come when you de-clutter your life, making space for better things to come. Having a magical life can easily become an achievable reality.

5.    Go Outdoors for a Walk

You can’t imagine what a little stroll outdoors will do for your mental and physical health or well-being. Take a short walk if you don’t want to commit to long distances will get you out of your head. It will pull you out of your worries and hectic routine, refreshing you thoroughly. You will capture some of life’s magic by tuning in with nature.

In Conclusion: How to Bring Magic Into Your Life?

Thus, you can bring magic into your life with a tiny bit of effort and a change in your viewing angle of the world. Whoever says creating a magical life is impossible or challenging is wrong. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. Remember, though life is magical, you can’t wait for the magic to come to you. Sometimes you have to create it yourself or look for it actively. Let love fill your heart as the ultimate tip for a magical life because love on its own is a magical feeling. So, start doing something you love if you are not already doing it.


Ans: Generally speaking, a magical life is when you feel happy, healthy, prosperous, and contented. It isn’t about buying an expensive car or a bigger house. It’s about making the most of each day positively while being true to yourself and your passions.

Ans: Life is magical, and you can add this precious something to your life by following some tips;

  1. Show gratitude.
  2. Practice forgiveness.
  3. Be Kind.
  4. Do self-care.
  5. Follow your dreams.
  6. Be true to yourself.
  7. Look for everyday magic in small things and more.

Ans: A famous inspirational author Roy. T. Bennett, quotes,

“Believe in your heart that you’re meant to live a life full of passion, purpose, magic, and miracles.”



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